Solder Masks

Solder masks are good for two reasons


Normally solder masks are only available on prefabbed boards, and even then the colour is usually just a single colour. One of the techniques used online to create homebrew solder masks is the use of glass paint. The reason for using glass paint is that once it’s cured it’s very heat resistant (such as during soldering). Also spraying instead of brushing the board leads to better results from what I’ve heard online

The idea is (and this is untested) in order to make sure the glass paint doesn’t stick to the solder pads we can remove the black paint from the board everywhere except for the solder pads using a negative image / engrave solid. This way after the glass paint has been sprayed on and dried, we can remove it from the solder pad areas using some ipa.

This is still untested as of yet, but FlatCAM does allow us to create the negative image SVG we need quite easily. Also this could allow for some really fancy colourful PCB’s that you wouldn’t normally be able to get with prefabbed boards.

So far I’ve seen people use vitrea glass paint, although Fred Aldous has some available we can try and experiment with as well.

TODO Check board alignment

Export the Solder Mask Layers

Within Kicad

FlatCam - Create Non Pad Region

Editing within Inkscape

Next we need to do a small amount of editing within inkscape

Import into Visicut

Next import the SVG into Visicut

Spray the board


Clean the board