Laser Engraving



It’s not possible to burn away copper with a Co2 Laser, the copper acts like a heat sink and draws away too much of the heat. To burn away copper with the laser would probably require oxygen assist, or a fibre laser. But we can burn away paint from the board then use chemicals to etch away the exposed copper

Some things to be aware of:

Import into Visicut

Initial Import

At this point we can now import each svg from KiCad into Visicut

Importing the Drill svg should allow etching within the drill holes to make locating the holes easier when actually drilling the final board.

Mapping the Colour

Laser Settings

Drill Points

If you want to etch away the holes for the drill points then rinse and repeat for the drill svg

Testing on MDF

For testing on a sheet of paper or mdf I’ve found the following seems to work for some settings


The default DPI Setting is 500 which is the best one to use for most accuracy.
For greater speed with engraving it’s possible to use a lower DPI setting, but accuracy will suffer as a result.