Kicad - Design

Note this is an older doc I’ve kept for info, it’s better to use the Gerber files with FlatCam instead because it’s easier and has more features

PCB Design

The first step is to open the PCB Design within KiCad

Export Top Layer

Next we’re going to export the top layer as an SVG image

It’s best to avoid the use of the File -> Export Svg option since that doesn’t allow for a negative to be created, instead we’re going to use Plot
It’s also best to draw a square around the board on the “Edge Cuts” Layer, make sure it doesn’t come into contact with any of the pins

Click Plot to export the svg

Export Bottom Layer

Next for the bottom layer repeat as above but make the following changes

Click Plot to export the svg

Inkscape Edit

Next we need to resize a couple of things within inkscape.

First we want to resize the actual Document

Next we need to resize the big black box that surrounds the box so that it fits within the document, this is acting as a mask


Some svg’s of adafruit’s pcb ruler for testing how small can we go

A test of the pcb I replicated from the arduino cnc project, I’ve got no plan on using this (just created it to confirm the wiring is what I thought it was), but maybe a good test