KiCad Design Rules - TODO

Next we’re going to set the design rules for the board.

Hackaday Suggestions

Looking at this hackaday link for boards made using a Laser Cutter. Its suggests the following

Rule Min Typical Max
Track Clearance 15mil (0.381mm)
Track Width 22mil (0.5588mm)
Drill size 20mil (0.508mm)
Vias / Outer 18mil (0.4572mm) 20mil (0.508mm)
Pads Top / Bottom 15mil (0.381mm)
Autorouting Grid 2mil (0.0508mm)

They also suggest

Kicad Design Rules

By Selecting Desgin Rules -> Design Rules from the menu we can create a new NetClass to add in values You may want to play around with different smaller values to see what is possible.

Header Value
Name Laser PCB
Clearance 0.381
Track Width 0.5588
Via Dia 0.7
Via Drill 0.508
uVia Dia 0.7
uVia Drill 0.508

Also you need to apply this netclass to all the components on the list