Hacman - Ox CNC


This is a series of docs for the use of the Ox CNC within the Hackspace.
This was originally run as part of a pledge run: http://wiki.hacman.org.uk/Pledges/OxCNCIan
(Many thanks to Ian for all the additional bits)

The docs are largley split into 3 sections


With a 3d Printer generally it’s a lot simpler, but with a CNC you instead have to decide which tools to use, which areas to mill etc. The software automates a lot of it, but there’s a lot of different ways to mill a part which can make the process a little more complex depending on what it is your trying to do.

The post processor is usually a part of the Cam software that generates G-Code for specific types of CNC.
This could include one processor for Grbl, another for TinyG. The one we’re interested in is Grbl 1.1
Generally if there’s a post processor for LinuxCNC then this should also work with Grbl.



Open Source Software

Free / Non open source software

Commercial Software

Generally CAM software falls into two catagories one for solid parts such as gears / wheels etc, this includes HsmWorks and MasterCAM. The second for graphical artworks such as fancy reliefs like dragons or lettering or Han solo in carbonite.

If your using Solidworks then the top two items of commercial CAM software includes Hsmworks and MasterCam.
Hsmworks is by far the easiest to use, but not to good at turning or 4 / 5 Axis.
MasterCam has the most features but is much more difficult to use.